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Koi, Male or Female?!

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Koi, Male or Female?!

Postby FishED » 16 Dec 2013, 14:23

Hi, is there a way of telling the difference between male and female koi just from a glance? I know you can turn them over to see their vents but I just thought there might be an easier way.
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Re: Koi, Male or Female?!

Postby MrMarine » 16 Dec 2013, 17:25

Found this extract online:

"Male koi are slender, compact and torpedo-like in appearance, with very trim lines and smooth body contours. They also show behaviour that is particular to male koi and is particularly noticeable when all male koi are segregated into a single
tank. Male koi tend to dart around energetically, with sharp turns of speed, showing real 'attitude' and a skittish character.

Females on the other hand, do not develop tubercles nor will they retain the sleek lines of a male as the breeding season approaches. Eggs that develop in the ovaries will swell, leading to an increase in volume to the abdomen. In addition, female koi tend to behave in a less timid manner to a tank full of males, feeding voraciously as soon as the food hits the water."

Hope it helped!
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Re: Koi, Male or Female?!

Postby Munyon » 24 Oct 2018, 12:22

What's the ideal ratio of koi males to females in a tank btw? Or does that not matter?
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