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Clownfish are commonly known as Anemonefish. These fish are from the subfamily of Amphiprioninae in the family Pomacentidae.  Depending on the species, clownfish are overall yellow, orange, or a redish or blackish colour which may show white bars or patches. Thirty species are recognised, one in Premnas, while the remaining in Amphiprion. The largest of Clownfish can reach a length of 18 centimetres (7.1 in) while the smallest barely can reach 10 centimtres (3.9 in).


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An aquarium is a vivarium consisting of at least one transparent side in which water-dwelling plants or animals are kept. Fish keepers use aquaria to keep fish, amphibians, invertebrates, marine mammals, turtles and aquatic plants. The term combines the Latin root aqua, meaning water, with the suffix-arium, meaning ‘a place for related to’.

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