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How to add your aquatic store


Published: 22/10/2013

by Compare Aquatics Team


Adding your aquatic store to Compare Aquatics is easy, in the guide we will teach you how to add your store listing to our site.

To start with please select a package in our advertisment page and continue through our registration and payment screen, if you have any issues with this please contact us at:

Once you have registered and setup payment, our team will review your application, this usually takes around 1-12 hours. In this period you may recieve a phone call or an email from our team to confirm that your application is legitimate. In the mean time you can organise and setup your aquatic store listing ready for launch.  

We've devised this instructional guide to take you through each step you'll need for producing a store listing you and your customers will love. 



Step 1 in adding a store

Step one - Login

Login to your personal management system. Please use the credentials you signed upwith, you will have recieved an email confirming these details when registering.








Step two - Add A Store

In the sidebar menu on the left, please click, STORES>ADD. You may see that your listing is currently pending or accepted. Either way you can edit your listing by clicking the edit button on the right handside.







step 3 adding a store

Step three - Personal information

The store information will be now available on screen. Most of the details are self explanatory but we have also given you a guidance list below. 

Store Title: Please make sure this is correct.

Email: Your business email, not personal.

URL: This is your website link, Please use http:// from the dropdown menu there should be no reason to use the other options.

Display URL: This is how your website will appear on your profile. It maybe you just want your name to be "" or "Compare Aquatics" or even "Visit our website".

Phone: Your aquatic store landline or mobile number. 

Facebook page: If you have a facebook page then great, however if you haven't it's very easy to set one up. Click here to setup a business facebook page. Using Facebook can really help your business. People use the internet and social media to interact with friends, families, and businesses/brands. To add your facebook page, open your facebook page and copy the URL which will be in the top of your browser, here are examples of what it may look like: digit of numbers)

To find out more about how social media can benefit your business, click here.

Twitter: To add your Twitter is simple, just add your Username, for example: compareaquatics

If you haven't yet started a Twitter account then it's really easy, click here to sign up. To find out more about how social media can benefit your business, click here.

Address fields: Your business address, please make sure this correct so that the mapping system can locate you. However you can also move your mapping drop point to an exact position.



Step 4 adding images

Step four - Adding images

Depending on which store listing monthly option you have chosen will limit the amount of images you can upload. To upload an image press the orange "Add Image" button and follow the on screen steps. You can only upload one image at a time. 

Uploading images that receive a great response is important, and it's what your audience sees first when visiting your site. Make sure to place a "Main" image that captures the essence of your store, possibly including a logo. To learn more about uploading high response images, click here.



Adding Video, Twitter and File widgets

Step five - Adding Files, Twitter Widgets & Embedding Videos

You can add files to your store for customers to download. Whether it's a current livestock list, order form, images or PDF's. The file types supported are DOC, TXT, PDF, JPG, GIF and PNG.

Adding a Twitter widget is easy, please follow this link for more instructions, click here. You'll need to have a Twitter account to do so. 

If your a Premium or Featured customer, then you can also add a video to your store. To do this you will need to retrieve the share code from the YouTube video you are going to use. When your viewing your video on YouTube, press the "Share" button underneath the video, followed by pressing the "Embed" button. You'll then have a coding that begins with < iframe, copy this code and place it into your video widget field. 



Step 4 adding images

Step six - About, Job Vacancies & Livestock Information

The ingredient to your store listing is the content information. The about section of your site is a great place to discuss what your aquatic business is all about. Grabbing your audience's attention is key in making sure your Aquatic Store stands out from the crowd.

Livestock Information ann policies, it's exactly what it says on the tin. This is a perfect place to explain your livestock information, regular stock and policies. We've supplied you with a multifunctional text editor in your admin panel, which allows you to type standard text for required information. However you can also design tables, add images, have hyperlinks or for those computer wiz kids you can also add HTML (though don't worry it isn’t necessary). The “Livestock Information & Policies” tab was developed for two reasons, firstly to provide your customers a reference to your livestock policy, and secondly it's a great place to express the livestock you tend to keep in stock.

Job Vancancies, if you have any current positions available then this is the section to add to. However, you can edit this information or any other information after submission. 



Step 4 adding images

Step seven - Keywords & Opening Hours

Keywords are essential if you want to be found through our search system. You have a maximum of 10 keywords, one per line. When a visitor searches the system uses the following criteria when looking through our database:

• Business Title

• Categories & Sub-Categories

• Keywords

We've also added an opening hours feature, which is a great way to let your customers know when your open. Please use the example to produce your own opening hours. (We recommend to copy, paste and add more days)



Step 4 adding images

Step eight - Adding Categories & Promotional Codes

The categories have been produced so that visitors can find stores that sell the type of fish they require. Please select individual sub-categories to which your store sells on a regular basis. You can unlimited amount of categories, if you require a sub-category then please email us at

If you've recieved a promotional code for your store account then please add it before pressing submit. Once you have submitted your store it will then be available to see on our site, if you require any changes to your site you can edit this in STORE>MANAGE.

If you require any further assistance please contact us: 

Phone: 01223 44 1117