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Charterhouse Aquatics - Grand Opening


Published: 03/11/2013

by Compare Aquatics Team


Attending Charterhouse Aquatics was an unusual feeling at first, these online giants had conquered the online aquatic industry, but could they develop a retail store to match?

After travelling down from our Head Office in Cambridge, I arrived at Haggerston overground, only a stone's throw away from the store. On arrival to the store it was evident that this store was going to be something special. If you visualise London, with its authentic architecture, famous stations, and its prominent history, Charterhouse Aquatics captured this. When you first reach the entrance of the store, you can instantly see the potential of its size by the enormous glass doors. On entering you are welcomed by a Charterhouse Aquatics representative, you'll soon appreciate the tremendous size by the striking archway roof.


As you walk around the store's showroom, you’ll soon notice the aquariums are well equipped, and the aquascaping has been well thought out. The showroom's aquariums range from small nano aquariums to 1500ltr plus reef aquariums.

The showroom provided is a great way to find what aquarium you are looking for, whether it’s a bespoke glass tank developed in-house or a pre-developed system by one of the leading manufacturers such as the Red Sea range.

The mini archway within the showroom contains a rather magical jellyfish tank, and as an aquarist I was rather jealous that this wasn’t in my front room. Thanks to the team, I had the honour of seeing these wonderful creatures feed. As most hobbyists may know, these animals feed via filter feeding the liquid surrounding them, and using their tentacles to sting prey.

A rather futuristic feature of the showroom is the dry goods purchasing unit. You can order your dry goods on the digital tablets from within the showroom. Once you’ve decided on your products you can then pay for them and collect next door, that’s if you can prise yourself from the showroom.

Finally the store's livestock, the store imports and quarantines its very own livestock. I’m glad to say that you don’t have to buy through viewing on a tablet; they have their very own fish house for you to view and pick precisely what fish, coral, or invertebrate you require. They have a wide range of Marine fish, Corals and Invertebrates as well as a bank of Tropical fish. Their coral systems are all separated and are dedicated to the type of coral inside of it. This is not only helpful for viewing but it’s also a great way of keeping corals in regards to health and welfare.








So yes, these online giants certainly showed that they were here, present within the retail outlets of the Aquatic Industry. The store is an inspiration to the industry; you can see everything was well thought out accurately designed to capture the essence of a modern aquatic store. I would recommend any hobbyist to visit the store; it’s rather special.